A note on Jessica…

So I think the time has come to pay tribute to one of my travel writing heroes. Whilst researching my very first jaunt to Italy, I stumbled across a neat little tangle of blogs under the umbrella of boots and all travel. More specifically I discovered the Italian section Italylogue and it’s main contributor Jessica

Jessica’s posts are an absolute goldmine of recommendations, itineraries and experiences! You can have confidence that If it is on the list then you know that Jessica has done it and loved it. The content is accessible and relevant but doesn’t stink of sponsored add ons and paid for reviews. Instead, Jessica writes without pretense and makes it feel like a friend is offering you helpful advice rather than the Italian tourist board. 

Although Jessica has since moved on to very her own Italophile website, Italy Explained, her articles at Italylogue are still really relevant. So if you are planning a trip to Italy and want a fool proof guide to enjoying each city from a more intimate perspective than what is offered on a traditional “top ten”, then I highly recommend her stuff!

Jessica, I owe my love of travelling Italy to you…Salute!

2 thoughts on “A note on Jessica…

  1. Jessica | ItalyExplained.com says:

    Oh, wow! Somehow, I am only finding this comment today, so I apologize profusely for the delay in my response. I am SO TOUCHED by this! I actually haven’t been writing on the Italy Logue site since May of 2012 – I now have my own site, Italy Explained, where I’m trying to do the same thing you talk about here: Delivering travel tips as if I’m talking to a friend. 🙂 I hope Italy Explained accomplishes the same thing that my old Italy site did for you!

    I would love to use this comment on my website, would that be okay?

    • Shannon says:

      Hi Jessica, Of course you can use the comment! I will have my people* talk to your people! I am equally as chuffed that you want to use the comment on your jazzy site! I am in the process of updating all my old posts so I will make sure to send people in the direction of Italy Explained 🙂

      *I don’t have any people so I will send you an email 😉

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